“Some folks think that sexual energy is overrated.
I dare say, how can an energy so creative be overrated?
It is pure, primal, spiritual energy and that is never overrated!”

~~ Tonya K. Freeman ~~

My Latest CD Is Now Available!

Get Your Sexy On! Erotic Enlightenment was created to be inspiring, encouraging, upliting and empowering for both women and men. The WombHeart Interludes are meditations especially for women and men can benefit from listening as well.

One young man, Sun Rah said, “This is a listening experience.” A male friend was listening to it and stated that he was in a zone. I like that.

The intention was to make Get Your Sexy On! Erotic Enlightenment sexy, sassy and informative. Through spoken word, visualizations, affirmations and the meditation, when listened to regularly, is a very powerful “feel good” tool. After all, our main objective in life, is to feel really, really good…most of the time.

Sample tracks to tickle your senses.

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“I hadn’t planned on buying this (erotic enlightenment sounded a little scary…) but when I heard the clips from “Get Your Sexy On” I bought two copies. Not sure who the second one is for, but I knew that it’d be someone I love! Now go buy this!”

~~ Laura Gail Grohe ~~


“I heard it, and now I need a cigarette lol. Nice job Tonya. I’m going to focus on one of the songs to get a visual, and hear what we can see, and come up with something fab. Congrats again Tonya.”

~~ Allen Blake McConnell ~~


“Anyone looking to Get Their Sexy On??!! My dear dear friend and Inner Growth Activist Tonya K. Freeman just released her Exclusive Self Help album, Get Your Sexy On! Let go and get in a state of Feeling Good and Reconnect with your inner being!!

Success Starts with loving yourself first and this album will make that connection again….so click now, listen to a sample and grab your copy today!”

~~ Daniel Dominguez Montañez ~~


Dr. Tonya Freeman’s new meditative CD, “Get Your Sexy On” surely implies all of these superior values. It allows one to be free in their own exploration of their sexual energy as it rises through the spinal column to blossom into the creative process. It is truly an erotic experience attuning one to transmute their sexual energy to harness its power and move it into new channels of creative exploration, while simultaneously creating a safe harbor within allowing one to freely engage in the exploration of sexual relations from a state of higher consciousness.

The smooth rhythm of Diva Mama’s voice beats a rhythmic message inline with the music melodically strumming a unique harmony of meditation, creativity and sexual awakening. “Get your Sexy On” is a wonderful exploration of the creative sexual energy, taking us into higher levels of enlightenment with regard to who we are as sentient sexual beings. Get Sexy, Get Real, and Get On with the full enjoyment of your life through this unique and creative meditative process that heals and attunes our sexual POWER.

~~ Dr. Diva Verdun ~~


“Get Your Sexy On! is a melodic mix of mastery, combining a jazzy flow with sexy words of wisdom. It is a rhythmic delight of sensuality that bumps & grinds the mind in a blissful kind of way!

Spirited & sexy, Dr. Tonya K. Freeman has once again found a unique way of both tantalizing our senses while shifting our minds into making love to ourselves! Her voice sends vibrations to your heart & mind helping the listener to relax & relate in a whole new way. After listening…I wanted to write a letter to my sexy self!”

~~Xina Sy ~~


“Accompanied by traditional blues, funky bass lines, and drums, Diva Mama Tonya’s “Get Your Sexy On” delivers sensual and soothing words that took me on a journey into my sexy soul.  By the second cut, I became unashamed to dance, breathe, reconnect with nature and put my trust into mother earth.

Her prescribed visualizations are safe and guided me to simply “go with my flow”…for it is blessed.  Anyone who takes time with this album, can no longer deny that we are all called to get happy about who we are as sexual beings and share that energy with the world.”

~~ InnaRae ~~


As Tonya’s “Medicine Twin” and life partner, I have a special perspective on her work, and have seen and participated in the development of her media projects from beginning to fulfillment.

This work truly harnesses her “signature voice”, with her sultry and hypnotic qualities. In the production process, I cannot number the times that I listened to the music and vocals of each track, and yet, even now I still never grow tired of listening.

Her message of self esteem and self love is a healing salve for both men and women, which is greatly needed today. I encourage everyone to make an investment in their health and well-being by purchasing their own copy of Get Your Sexy On!.”

~~ Bill Pinder ~~


“Tonya K. Freeman’s new CD, “Get Your Sexy On” is an invitation to join her in connecting with the true essence of what it is to be blessed with a woman’s body. Her voice lures you into listening to these truths as it flows with the amazing musical accompaniment. Her words harmonize with the beat and tone awakening what was hidden by years and layers of false illusions. Each track melts it all away with a new freedom never before experienced. Every cell sings tenderly, “yes”  — learning more of how to open to love and appreciation for my body and who I am.”

~~ Cheryl Longyear ~~


“I ADORE Tonya K. Freeman! I’ve heard her speak and listened to her recordings in the past – she’s quite awesome. I’d highly recommend this!”

~~ Kelle Sparta ~~


“A true counterpart. I received Tonya K. Freeman’s CD, and she breathes a hypnotic sensuality to be appreciated. Should a man..and woman explore the solitude to realign with the beginning, her voice will speak beyond limitations. Explore…Enjoy”

~~ Jarvis Talley ~~


This CD sends you on a personal journey that can stimulate your inner sexy in a way that has nothing to do with physical intimacy,although it can enhance that aspect. This experience allows you to deepen your intimacy with yourself and have the courage to get in touch with your unexplored realms within.

I now have a much more profound appreciation for just simply being me along with elevating my higher vibrations which make me come more alive The energy of certain songs excites a boldness from within that takes you on a spiritual escapade to believe that you can powerfully create any experience that you desire.

I’m ready to step out in the world unashamedly expressing a dynamic essence of worthiness. These tracks are OFF THE HOOK. They are simply AWESOME.”

~~ Alicia Waters ~~


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